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This is the place where I (Stefan) post my technical stuff and so on. If you want to contact me please use an e-mail client which uses "Plain Text" instead of "Rich Text alias HTML-E-Mails": stefan@seekline.net

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Security Enhanced Linux

A short presentation about the concepts and fundamentals of SELinux.

The security basics of SELinux are described in this document. Type Enforcement (TE), Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Multi-Level and Multi-Category Security (MLS/MCS) are discussed in a comprehensive way.




Port Management

This little utility helps you to manage your installed ports. For example you could create a cronjob to run on a daily base to check if a port is out'dated. If an event comes up an e-mail will be send.

I use this tool to get around of OpenBSD's management weak points ;-)




Papers Presentations Talks ...

Master's Thesis: Dynamic memory abstraction refinement (paper released at the Technische Universität München, 2012-03-28, paper, slides)

Type Inference: How does your compiler know the type of an expression? (presentation held 2011-04-16, slides)

Parameter optimization for the parallel symmetric eigenvalue problem (paper released at the Technische Universität München, 2011-01-17, paper)

C++0x Type Inference (paper released at the Technische Universität München, November 2009, paper, slides)

Bachelor's Thesis: Implementing the Stack Smashing Protector feature of the GNU Compiler Collection on the Cell/B.E. SPU architecture (paper released at the University of Furtwangen, 2008-12-23, paper)

Verschlüsselung: Bequemer Umgang mit Kryptodateisystemen (paper released at iX magazine issue 8/2008 p. 138-139, ISSN 0935-9680)

IPv6 – Protokoll mit leichten Schwächen (paper released at freeX magazine issue 1/2008 p. 82-85, ISSN 1436-7033)

C++ pitfalls (presentation held at the De Montfort University, 2007-12-10, slides)

SELinux introduction (presentation held at the University of Furtwangen, 2007-06-27, slides)


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